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Experience and expertise

I have a Master’s level degree in English and Science of Religion from the University of Copenhagen, and I have specialised in international communication
and meetings between cultures and across cultural boundaries. I have worked as a writer and a translator for more than 10 years. I have written articles for
different magazines and I have translated and reviewed a number of articles for and from international magazines and newsletters.

Primary areas of expertise:

  • Patents – translation and linguistic review of both mechanical and biochemical patent applications

  • Medicine and medical science - translation and linguistic review of articles within the field of medical science, translation of medical records for patients who have
    had to go abroad for treatment, translation of the website of a private hospital (Varde Heart Centre)

  • Law – translation of collective agreements and contracts, among others for the Danish Actors’ Association, interpretation at trials for the Copenhagen Police Force

    When you work internationally, you have to write, communicate, and translate not just across linguistic, but also across cultural barriers. You have to meet other people where they stand, and to aim your communication directly at them.